Australian Standard 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

The Standard specifies recommended procedures for the safety of people in buildings, structures and workplaces during emergencies; guidelines for the appointment of the Emergency Planning Committee and setting up of the Emergency Control Organisation.

The major difference between the new release and the superseded version – AS3745-2002 are that most instructions are now┬áissued with a “shall” (which means that instruction is mandatory) whereas previously that instruction may have been – you “should.”

Another change is the frequency of Emergency Response Training. These are:

Fire Warden Training: In-house skills retention every 6 months; an Evacuation every 12 months

Fire Extinguisher Training: Refresh training every 2 years

Specialist Emergency Response Training (Breathing Apparatus, Height Safety, Confined Space): Every 12 months

Make sure your business is compliant with the Australian Standards by ensuring your staff are Nationally Accredited Fire Wardens & correctly trained in the use Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hosereels & Fire Blankets.