Hazardous Materials Awareness training

Course Outline:

Our HAZMAT Response course is taught by experienced instructors who will take course participants through both theory and practical sessions to respond to on-site hazardous material emergencies.

This Training course has a large practical emphasis. Practical drills can include: Splash or Gas Suits, Decontamination, Assessment of the incident scene, Rescue Procedures etc. This course makes use of various safety documentation such as: MSDS’s, HAZCHEM Sheets & HAG Sheets.

Subjects covered will depend upon the types of capabilities requested. Capabilities and course subjects will be completely tailored to the requirements of the worksite. Following the training course, the emergency response team shall be capable of responding and controlling various on-site emergencies.

Course Subjects: (May include a selection of the following)

• HAZCHEM & Dangerous Goods Legislationhazmat

• Ensure compliance with legislation

• HAZCHEM Incident Response protocols / procedures

• Personal Protective Equipment: Splash Suits, Gas Suits

• Decontamination

• HOT/WARM/COLD Zone establishment

• HAZMAT Emergency Action Guides, HAG Sheets etc

• Safe Work Procedures

Practical scenarios will be devised from the above course modules and will be tailored to the requirements of the work site.

Duration: 3 – 5 hours depending upon training options chosen and site requirements.

Assessment: N/A

Where Conducted: Onsite at your workplace or at a designated Priority 1 Fire and Safety Training facility

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